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Written by Joanna Kaczmarek


Use API and customize Where To Buy widget (plugin). Downloading offers for the product.

The integration method below allows you to download data and create your own Where To Buy tool.

Calling URL:{BB-ID}/buybox.json?{par}={value}


  • {BB-ID} - widget ID 
  • {par} - parameters describing the product and configuration

Please, select {BB-ID} from your 100shoppers account

Requires parameters:

  • number - is your product GTIN number
  • sku - is your unique producer's product ID
  • name - is your product's name
  • category - is the category path of your product

Optional parameters:

  • price - is an optional product suggested retail price
  • description - is an optional product short description
  • image - is an optional product image URL
  • data-bb-alt - the ID of the container with your alternative content that will be displayed if the listings are not available in the plugin, e.g.
  • abpar1 , abpar2 , abpar3 - abpar parameters - additional abpar parameters passed along with the transaction.


Returned data:



  • product URL address - there are two parameters should be given in the URL address, where:

bb_op - this is the position on which the offer is displayed

bb_oc  - the number of displayed offers

An example for an API request with the parameters specified in the URL:

  • price - the price of the product
  • name - the name of the shop
  • type - format (if applicable, e.g. book, ebook, audiobook)
  • icon - URL address of the shop icon
  • logo - URL address of the shop's logotype

Other implementation options: